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Va$htie Kola ( @vashtie ) : She Got Next ! posted by ( @Yearoffara )

Vashtie Kola went from a young girl wishing she could afford Air Jordans, to being the first female ever to design a pair.  She has her clothing line Violette, created to represent her tomboy flair and high fashion sensibility. Its a mix of uptown and downtown, hip-hop and rock, feminine and masculine, casual and couture. At times she also lends her beauty while modeling for brands like Rachel Roy and Prohibit NYC. In the male-dominated world of sneakers, she made history by becoming the first woman to design a sneaker for Nike’s Jordan brand. Her NYC parties, “1992” at CV and “Open at Santos” were and still are guaranteed to spark good times. They bring out the trendiest crowds; from well-known celebs like Diddy, Jay-Z, Drake and many others to NYC young taste-makers and people looking for a great time at a genuinely cool venues. In 2008, “1992” was nominated for Best Party at the Paper Magazine Nightlife Awards.

Amongst the many videos she’s directed, she’s created visual stories for artists like Junior Sanchez, Good Charlotte, Theophilus London and Solange Knowles. And what do you know, she directed Justin Bieber’s music video for his 1st single One Time.  With Vashtie’s continued flow of awesome projects she’s definitely destined to become a household name, especially if that house is full of NYC scenesters, partygoers and cool kids.


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Little Chief @LittleChiefBand : They Got Next !

October 6, 2014 • featured_topcarousel, Who's Next • Views: 914

In 2012, after long nights of jams and other musical get-togethers, Little Chief frontman Matt Cooper decided that he wanted to create a folk band that played songs that got people stomping and clapping, while still having lyrical meaning. As a former singer/songwriter, Matt had played numerous


Megan Fowler ( @mfowlermusic ): She Got Next !

October 6, 2014 • featured_topcarousel, Who's Next • Views: 1011

As soon as she began talking, Megan Fowler also began singing. From the time she was a young toddler singing “Away in a Manger” in perfect pitch for her first adoring fans, her family, to singing solos in church, to performing on stage in Nashville, music has been a thread that has woven


FKA Twigs (@FKAtwigs ) : She Got Next ! posted by ( @Yearoffara )

October 6, 2014 • featured_middlecarousel, Who's Next • Views: 1084

Crafting ethereal electronic R&B that evokes the heyday ofTricky and Massive Attack and the spare 2010s aesthetic ofthe xx, London’s FKA Twigs is the project of Twigs, aka Tahliah Barnett, a half-Jamaican native of Gloucestershire. Surrounded by farmland during her teens, she


Shinobi Ninja ( @ShinobiNinja ) : They Got Next !

August 13, 2014 • featured_middlecarousel, Who's Next • Views: 1244

Shinobi Ninja is an American rock band that formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2008. The band is known for high-energy performances and eclectic sound, blending music genres such as Hip Hop, Punk, Funk, Metal, Reggae and Rock. Their 2011 debut album’s single and namesake, “Rock Hood”,


Dixie Maxwell (@DixieMaxwell) : She Got Next !

August 5, 2014 • featured_topcarousel, Who's Next • Views: 960

Pop-Folk with a playful approach, Dixie Maxwell’s music connects her audience to the deep feelings within us all. She explores life as an abundance of love, expressed in many forms, that can be experienced once we open our hearts to enjoy the ride as it comes. As a true artist who writes all


Aymber ( @aymber_sings ) : She Got Next !

August 1, 2014 • featured_middlecarousel, Who's Next • Views: 970

Aymber is a 22 year old indie-pop singer who has been writing since she picked up her pawn shop guitar back in 2012. “I spent my last check on a guitar I saw hanging in the window of a pawn shop and I never put it down”. She taught herself how to play and wrote …


Shelby Reese ( @ShelbyReese01 ) : She Got Next !

August 1, 2014 • featured_topcarousel, Who's Next • Views: 953

A unique Trans-Atlantic music prodigy is skyrocketing to the top as a Country Pop singer and songwriter. Music industry professionals along with Miss Reese’s growing fan base have grown to appreciate this dynamic vocalist and how she incorporates both Pop and Country genres to create a


August Alsina @AugustAlsina : He Got Next

July 16, 2014 • featured_middlecarousel, Who's Next • Views: 1336

Alsina was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended middle school in New Orleans. Although no one in his family was musically inclined, he was inspired to sing by Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2. Alsina first uploaded videos to YouTube in 2007 at age 14, starting with a cover of


Mack Wilds @mackwilds : He Got Next

July 16, 2014 • featured_middlecarousel, Who's Next • Views: 1134

Tristan Paul Mack Wilds is best known for his acting roles as Michael Lee and Dixon Wilson on HBO’s “The Wire” and CW’s “90210” respectively, but before he hit Hollywood, Wilds dreamed of a career in music. “I don’t remember a time in my life when music wasn’t a factor in my