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Phox @PhoxBand : We Got Next !

phox band

PHOX is a six-piece indie pop band from Baraboo, Wisconsin.
The band released their EP Confetti in early 2013, for which they created a video component for each track. The rest of 2013 brought their success to the next level with a Daytrotter session, positive press, a spot at South by Southwest and a national tour opening for Blitzen Trapper. The band played Lollapalooza as a last-minute addition in August 2013, drawing a large crowd despite their midday spot. In September 2013 PHOX opened for The Lumineers at Apple’s iTunes Festival in London. The band is currently managed by Onto Entertainment and signed to Partisan Records. They recorded their latest full-length album at April Base– Justin Vernon’s home studio in Eau Claire, WI. PHOX’s self-titled debut LP was released on June 24, 2014. Check out the music video for the latest release “Kingfisher.”
By Fara Francique

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Tinashe @Tinashe : She Got Next !

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Most television viewers across the world will remember her for her recurring role alongside Hollywood A-lister Charlie Sheen on the popular American sitcom Two And a Half Men. Tinashe features in at least three episodes of the show as girlfriend to Jacob ‘Jake’ Harper played by Angus T Jones.

ivy levan

Ivy Levan She Got Next!

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when she was 16-years-old, Ivy Levan hotfooted it out of her Arkansas hometown and moved to Los Angeles to launch the singing career she’d long coveted. “I didn’t have any real plan,” recalls Levan, now 26. “I just knew I needed to get out of there as fast as I could, so two weeks before

ari lennox

Ari lennox She Got Next!

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Ari Lennox (born March 26, 1991) is an American singer-songwriter, model and actress. She has recently released her groundbreaking EP, “Ariography” with producers Dave James, Eli Makes Beats and J.Dilla. She has written several hundred songs and is currently working with mega-producer

deon young

Deon Young He Got Next!

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It’s rare to find a young songwriter who can successfully transition from behind-the-scenes player to major label headliner, but with the release of R&B newcomer Deon’s impressive 2011 mixtape, For the Love, the 19-year-old rapper-turned-singer-songwriter proved he has the goods to command


Mila J She Got Next

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She’s determined. She’s driven. She’s a magnetic, multi-talented triple-threat force of nature. Her time is now. Mila J was born to shine. Her silky but demanding voice is hypnotic and penetrating. A spicy, strong-willed yet femininely soulful artist that has something to say, and we are