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Who’s Next: Cristian Gabor ( @fireflame_horror )


With the buzz surrounding her #HorrorSeason campaign as well as her debut EP, Harlem native Cristian Gabor has shown promise as one of the talented MC’s on the Indie Scene in the tri-state. Backed by her FireFlame Music Group team, as well as her #ThaKommission affiliation and lead by her Like This single where she collaborated with DJ Webstar.  Performances on her label’s T.M.I album as well as a catalog of visuals and freestyles on some of the most respected internet broadcasts including DTF Radio, In The Mixx Radio, and features on a wealth of blogs.

Her plan is to be considered more than a femcee, a title she takes issue with as she has been known to hold her own in any rap arena contending with males and females alike.


” None of the stars of today or yesterday were ever boxed in by the term ‘femcee.’ We are all artists, rappers, creators, and more. I just want to be given a fair shot and acknowledged for my lyricism.” 


That wouldnt seem to much to ask for this 22-year-old phenom whose work with Harlem veterans such as Capital 1ne, Meeno, Un Kasa, and more on her debut will certainly turn heads and pick up the buzz on her behalf. As evident in her penmanship, Crissy’s content speaks to everyday life; circumstances that can either hinder or strengthen. For now she might be the underdog, but history has served as a great teacher; what the right push, opportunity and talent can do. With a background that could rival any of the coldest winters ever, Pretty Crissy as many call her has taken that four letter word (life) by the horns rolling the dice on herself, her music, and her team, Fire Flame Music.


Check out the trailer for upcoming Ep, The Horror Show


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New Single, Like This, Featuring DJ Webstar Now available


Like This


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