@Papooseonline releases highly-anticipated sophomore album “You Can’t Stop Destiny”

Papoose’s highly-anticipated sophomore album, “You Can’t Stop Destiny”, will be released today.

“You Can’t Stop Destiny” finds Pap re-connecting with familiar faces, as he rekindles his undeniable chemistry with DJ Premier, Havoc, Ron Browz, Amadeus and his better half Remy Ma, while also linking up with some familiar faces to usher in an updated aesthetic, including Showbiz and A.G., Maino and Red Cafe, Troy Ave on the Havoc produced lead-single “Mobbing” (which will debut on June 11) and Ty Dolla $ign on the radio-ready future single “Michael Jackson”, which also includes Remy Ma.

Today at 6pm (EST) Pap will be joining the 2K community to play NBA 2K15 online with some lucky fans in the “Park Mode” (NBA 2K will be played on PS4). For information on how to join.

Tracklisting for Papoose’s “You Can’t Stop Destiny”:

1.) “The Bank” (prod. by Ron Browz)

2.) “You Ain’t Built Like That” (prod. by Amadeus)

3.) “Mobbing” f/ Troy Ave (prod. by Havoc)

4.) “The Plug” (prod. by DJ Premier)

5.) “Michael Jackson” f/ Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign (prod. by Ron Browz)

6.) “Wish A Nigga Would” (prod. by DJ Tip)

7.) “Everything To Gain” f/ A.G (prod. by Showbiz)

8.) “Revenge” / Maino & Red Cafe (prod. by GUN Productions)

9.) “Team US” (prod. by DJ Tip)

10.) “You Draggin It” (prod. by DJ Tip)

11.) “Global Warming Part 2” (prod. by GUN Productions)

12.) “Illuminati” (prod. by Gemcrates)

13.) “Obituary 2014” (prod. by GUN Productions)


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